The Natural

My soul, so tired of trudging through the daily routine is feeling empty.  The drudgery of facing each day with the same old happenings and no fire in the furnace leaves me hollow.  Where can I find a spark?  How do I feel the spirit of inspiration?

Today, I stepped into a world of enchantment.  I was shocked and overwhelmed at what greeted me at the door.  As I entered, I smelled a familiar scent that awakened my other senses.  It immediately engaged my mind, asking it to notice and rejoice in the offerings of such a joyful world.  The cement that held my eyes tightly closed to the mystical had suddenly been loosened.  There, before me, lay intense pigmentations  of trees and leaves.  The fountain of outpouring tears of happiness cascaded throughout the landscape, giving the sense of hearing a bountiful, flowing treat.  As I ventured through this forest of extraordinary beauty, I breathed in a spirit that filled my lungs with life-giving tranquility.  It has  been said that the breath brings us serenity.  I inhaled the miraculous spirit that I seemed to have lost.

My body has been an empty furnace searching for it’s spark.  My soul has ached to feel the spirit within.  Today I stepped out, into the world and onto the path that I have walked before.  I sauntered into a church that I have always known but somehow kept myself away from.  Today, I entered the church of nature and I felt life breathed back into my body as if I was being risen from the dead.  First came the tiny spark and within moments I felt the flame of spirit within me.  At that moment I felt weightless and alive, filled with peace and inspiration.  In one tiny moment, it all came back to me.

The truth is that my God has never left me.  His spirit is in me.  I took life for granted and lost sight of my inner light and with one step into the natural world , my awakened self was restored.  All that I long for exists here within.

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Mary Mangee

I have lived a life and learned many things along the way. Through my daily experiences I want to share the little lessons I have picked up and share them with you. Maybe you can find some pearls of wisdom in your day too.

13 thoughts on “The Natural”

  1. I never understood why we had to go to church to pray and worship God. God is everywhere and more brilliantly display outdoors through the creation of His Goddess who continually brings forth Life to sustain us in every way. He is in us all and it is up to us to remember that and to emulate that Love toward those we encounter every day – including ourselves.

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  2. Speaking as one who deeply believes in God, as the moving force of all Nature, I have always felt more at peace, closer to divinity when in a deep forest than anywhere else on earth. I do not see God as a personal deity. I see God as all nature, all life, all non-life, the stars, the cosmos, everything. Thank you for this post that defines my God with such clarity.

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  3. Sadly the idea of God in nature was split off from consciousness with the advent of what Jungian writer Edward Whitmont has called the Heroic Egoic Age. God was then said to reside only in the sky or heaven and earth and pleasures of the flesh became wicked or evil. We are breaking out of this collectively.

    I personally feel Jesus never said to build a church. All his sermons took place in nature. GOD = Great Out Doors

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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