Timing is Everything



Timing is a funny thing.  There’s bad timing which creates chaos and good timing which creates opportunities.  Then there is the perfect timing which can easily change the outcome of a situation from disastrous to excellent.

I’ve always taught my kids that if they are with the wrong crowd they can be guilty by association.  When friends make bad choices and you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time, you may end up dealing with consequences that weren’t yours to own.  I remember a young teenager who got into a schoolyard fight.  The fight began between two other kids and this teenager didn’t need to get involved.  But, he chose to take the fight to another level and turned the whole thing into a drastic mess.  He chose to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and then he chose to become a part of something that was way bigger than he was.  The fight between the first two kids was over but he created and escalated a new fight.  The victim was seriously hurt and the teenager found himself in jail.

I gave a gift certificate to a young woman for Christmas.  It was for a ceramics studio.  I thought it would be fun to do something together.  After Christmas, we finally went to the studio to enjoy the day and make our ceramics.  We had so much fun that day.  I was trying to decide what piece I wanted to paint, I have a hard time making up my mind, so the young woman was very patient and helped me.  She is very knowledgeable with ceramics and she patiently guided me through the process of picking paint colors and explained to me how the colors must be laid down in a certain order to achieve the correct result.  As we sat and painted, we were conversing with the owner of the establishment.  She took notice of the knowledge and patience that the young woman had given me.  After many hours of painting, the owner came over and handed the young woman an application for employment.  At that time, the young woman was having some struggles at her place of employment.  This opportunity showed itself to her at the right time.  The young woman was open to a new adventure and so she was hired to do a job in a field that she loves.  Surely, this is an example of very good timing.

A woman I know recently had to have surgery.  Everything was in place.  The date was set on the calendar, the pre-testing was finished and the surgery was set to occur.  The night before the surgery, her doctor called her and stated that he was reviewing her pre-testing results and he was not comfortable doing the surgery because there was a greater risk than they had first thought.  He didn’t want to jump into the surgery without further investigation.  The woman went through some additional testing and she and the doctor came up with a new game plan.  Although very serious, the surgery was done in a more non-invasive way, which led to quicker healing time.  Other unplanned things occurred in this process and led to a life-saving intervention. My friend was definitely at the right place at the right time for this situation to happen.  If she had been anywhere else when the complication occurred, she would have died.   If the doctor had not initially reviewed her case, the risk to my friend would have been catastrophic.  All of these steps placed this woman at the right place at the right time.  She had faith and everything turned out better than if she had planned it herself.  Sometimes we don’t know what’s in our best interest and things change suddenly and unexpectedly.  For my friend, this gave her a new lease on life.

When plans change suddenly, it’s best to go with the flow and see where the path takes us.  Timing is everything.

Evolution of My Soul


A lonely depression, sadness to the core

Where to turn, I didn’t know

Outsiders making decisions for me

I was screaming inside but nobody heard me

Emotions building as the lava was ready to blow

Changes inside me, despite wanting to end it all

Soul searching was my companion

Moving, slowly forward, my heart softening

Deep within there was a spark that never withdrew

I felt it burning and pushing me onward as it grew

No magic potion, only one step forward at a time

Growing, burning, bursting outward, the light

The light brightens my way, leading me , inspiring me, strengthening me

I can’t hide it as it spews out of every pore of my soul

Why would I want to hide the greatest treasure?


What does Vanilla got to do with it?

The other day I wanted to try a new recipe.  I had gathered all the ingredients over a few days time.  I went to get the vanilla extract out of the spice cabinet.  There was none to be found.  I took every single spice out of that cabinet and nothing.   I found peppermint extract, gravy master, chicken boullion cubes and red pepper flakes, (talk about something I will never use), but no vanilla.  I asked myself, outloud mind you, “What kind of household doesn’t have vanilla in their cabinet?”  I couldn’t believe that a mainstay of every household was not in mine.

When I was a kid we were kind of poor just like everybody else at the time.  It wasn’t like today where you have snacks laying around waiting for the whim of temptation to consume them.  If we wanted a treat we had to check the fridge and the cabinets to figure out what we could do with what we had.  My brother liked to bake,  so one of the things he would make was sugar cookies.  Sugar was always a staple in every household, then and now, or at least it should be.  Yes, sugar, flour, eggs, bread, butter, milk, potatoes, vanilla were all staples because you could make anything out of them including easy to stretch meals for hungry, large families.  For example, homemade bread, egg noodles, french toast, scrambled eggs and toast etc… .  By the way there was no distinction between what was breakfast food, lunch or dinner.  If you could put it together , that was the meal.  There were occasions when we wanted something sweet so we would butter a piece of bread and sprinkle sugar over it.  We used what we had and we never went hungry.

I am a 57 year old woman and have maintained a household for most of my life.  The necessities of the kitchen have always been maintained.  It’s a matter of survival in my mind.  You’ve got to have the staples and you will never starve.  Creativity will always win out over starvation.  So now I ask you and myself, “Why don’t I have vanilla in my cabinet?”  It’s a travesty if I say so myself.  It’s like a carpenter not having his tool belt with him at work.  Am I making this dramatic enough for you?

As I am going off the deep end here about the absence of vanilla in my cabinet, I realize that the true subject here is tools.  We need our tools to complete tasks.  Each job a person does requires certain tools such as pen and paper for a writer , clay for a potter, a stethoscope for a Nurse, paint brushes for an artist,  staple ingredients for a baker, and the list goes on and on.

There are different kinds of tools for other facets of our lives too.  We are not just physical beings who need to complete tasks in order to live.  We are spiritual beings and we need tools to nurture our spirituality on a daily basis.  These tools can include meditation and prayer.  Our physical bodies need tools such as exercise and healthy eating habits in order for us to function properly.  Our emotional well being requires other tools.  Peace and quiet, laughter, fun and excitement can all fulfill our mind’s needs.  The tools that I have mentioned are required to live a full and purposeful life.  They are the staples of a well rounded human being.  When we have the right means available to us we are able to grow and learn and have purpose on such a grand scale.  These intangible tools give us coping skills, the ability to love and share and truly make the world a better place.

As much as I have dramatized the absence of vanilla extract in my kitchen, there are unfathomable benefits to having all the tools we need in our everyday living.  I have rectified the absence of vanilla in my cabinet and I intend to rectify any other absence of important tools that I need in every area of my life.  It’s a process.  But by being aware of the fact that I  need to fill empty spaces on my journey of life, I can search deep inside myself and find tools that I never knew I had and if I don’t have the tools necessary, I will research and nurture a growing knowledge until I find what I need to complete this task of living life to the fullest.

I have the recipe.  The ingredients are all gathered and I am ready to proceed forward in creating the best product that I can produce.  What have you got baking today?