Actions Speak Louder than Words

The young woman of 27 can’t sit in silence. She’s watching her aging loved ones as they begin on their journey to the next life. Action is all she knows.  Sitting and watching doesn’t suit her.  Her heart wants to make everything better but this is not something that will get better, or will it?

There is a blessing in caring for a person who’s spirit is ready to move on.  As the young woman delegates herself as caregiver, she is determined to give her loved ones every ounce of living that can be accomplished before they pass.  She couldn’t allow her grandmother to just waste away and give up even though they both knew what was coming.  Her grandmother was as strong as they come so she was a willing adventurer.  The young woman wanted a special girl’s day out so she made arrangements  ahead of time with the nail salon.  They greeted her at the door and made room for her wheelchair.  They treated her like a queen.  On the way to the salon, the young girl and her grandmother drove the country roads through the mountains and listened to country music as the grandmother tried to sing along with a smile on her face.  Although her body was tired she was not quite ready to ascend from it.  It was a day full of treasures for both women.  As each day passed, there were new challenges, but little gems were being passed from one generation to the next on those special days.  Every day became special because every moment counted.  The time spent together for these two souls will be forever ingrained  in the heart of the young woman.  Taking after her grandmother, the young woman forged ahead with strength and courage, determined to give this elder all that she had in her.  And, so, she did.  She gave her a beautiful send off, full of love and light.  A family came together for this special moment in time to celebrate the life of  their loved one.  Once again, although she had left this earthly home, the grandmother brought joy and love to her family as they spent several days together, sharing and laughing and enjoying each other.

Several weeks went by after the passing of her grandmother and she tried to get back into some semblance of a routine in her life.  But life doesn’t wait for a person to be ready for the next thing.  The 27 year old woman was informed that her grandfather was in hospice and did not have much longer to live.  All of the recent memories of caring for her grandmother came barrelling back into her heart.  She felt as though she was shot in the heart with an arrow and was ready to just bleed out.  All the pain, sorrow and grief poured out of her.  She didn’t see it coming and wasn’t sure what to do next.  The grieving for her grandmother had just begun and now she would have to face another devastating loss.  But, action is all she knows.  As the grief washed over her, she waited.  She waited for the correct path to lay itself before her.  She decided to sleep and when she awoke, clarity had shown itself.  The young woman made her way to the airport that day and within 24 hours was at the bedside of her grandfather.  After being the caregiver for her grandmother, she absorbed so much knowledge about the needs of a soul trying to pass.  When she layed eyes on her grandfather, it was apparent to her that his medications were not what she considered to be in the right balance of each other.  She had to at least share her concerns with his caregivers.  If nothing else, she had to fight for his life.  Her observances were acknowledged and the next day he asked for a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

This 27 year old woman, young in years but wise beyond, is an action taker.  You will never see her sit on the sidelines of life.  I sat with her, watching her grief just pour out in dignified tears.  At that moment she was having the realization of just how fragile life is and how we are all aging.  She had a glimpse of the need to take care of our elders.  She wanted to shout to all of her elders how much she loved them and how much she valued their words and contributions to her life.

I sat there as she sobbed into my mother’s bosom.  I sat quietly and observed this woman who is my baby girl.  I am a proud mother and so grateful to have a child with such heart and soul and caring running through her veins.

Blogging Gratitude

As of late, I’ve been reading the blogs of fellow bloggers.  It truly enhances my spirit when I read such inspiring voices from out there in the world.  I feel that I have been introduced to kindred spirits all for the good of humanity.  The blogs that I have been reading reflect personal growth and strength of character. They also make me smile and cry.  They make me feel.  It is a wonderful gift to be able to feel emotion being conveyed by others.  It gives me hope that the world is full of honest, hardworking, hard loving types of people.  The words of others who share their experiences have so much power to enlighten the world.

We are all in this world together.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.  There are great stories of encouragement and fun being shared.   I began this endeavor of blogging because of a writing group that I belong to.  Their suggestion was to create a blog to share my words with others.  I never thought that what I would get out of this blogging  would be so gratifying.  Each day, I look forward to reading new posts from the blogging community.  It makes me want to write even more.  I find myself looking forward to posting about the different facets of my life, some funny, some spiritual in nature and some reflections on what is happening around me.  By connecting to like minded individuals, my life has become richer.  I feel like my writing is growing into something I never expected.

The blogging community has become my teacher in so many ways.  I am learning how to write effectively.  My world has opened up to different styles of writing which have completely blown me away by provoking deep feelings inside me.  I never  believed in myself as a writer and I find that many others feel the same way, yet, it doesn’t stop anyone from sharing from their hearts and souls.  You have given me hope that my words can benefit others as yours have done to me.  I truly believe that together we can change the world, one word at a time.  Thank you for sharing your world with me.

Gratitude is Alive and Well

Each year we set aside a month of gratitude centered around the American Holiday of Thanksgiving.  One month seems to be the trend of being thankful.  So, what happens before and after that designated month?

If I were an alien watching how humans operate I would find this practice absurd.  Humans go about their daily living by getting on the hamster wheel of life.  They wake up each morning, some exercise, eat breakfast and go to work.  Some come home from work, eat dinner, sit down and watch television until it’s time for bed and they get up the next day and do it again.  All the while, complaining about traffic, insufficient funds and stupid people at the mall.

I, the alien, would be so confused as I observed the constant murmerings of these humans.   Imagine for a moment what it would look like if all of our words were spewing outward into space at a constant hectic pace just flying into the alien brain, hitting it like a forceful ball of fire.  With the constant onslaught of contrasting words the befuddlement would make my head bounce back and forth like a rubber ball.  The general feeling would be described as pure bleakness.

For eleven months out of the year the words flying out would look something like this;

  • too hot
  • too cold
  • rainy, yuck
  • traffic sucks
  • people are mean
  • politicians are all corrupt
  • my mother hates me
  • my house is too small
  • I don’t like pizza
  • my legs hurt
  • I’m fat
  • I’m ugly
  • I’m not good enough

The list just goes on and on for every single subject one could imagine.

All of a sudden there is a 30 day period where different kinds of words and thoughts enter the alien brain from the stream of incessant blabbering of the humans.  These words seem softer, kinder and the subject matter is mostly about a new word; Gratitude.  There is a very different feeling from the bleakness brought on by all the other words.  The feeling washing over is more peace-loving and tranquil.  The alien wonders why the change and what is this gratitude business about.

Gratitude is a state of Mind.  It is the feeling of thankfulness for all of the blessings in one’s life.  Why is it only dominantly felt for one month out of the year?

As my journey of life moves along, as a human of course, I realize that more and more people are able to feel gratitude on a daily basis. The world is changing and despite what you hear in the news, and all of the complaining going on out there, more and more people are grateful for all the little treasures in their lives.

The truth is, it is not all that bleak in our world.  There is so much love and gratitude moving around.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed and feel that all of humanity is lost.  But rest assured it is not.  I have seen natural disasters decimate towns and cities and before you know it, people from everywhere travel to help everyone in need. When someone passes away, the community gathers together and visit the grieving family while bearing gifts of food and comfort.  When a car accident happens there are always good samaritans that stop to help complete strangers.   It happens over and over again.  People are good and they want to help each other.  There is much gratitude and love to be spread around.

I feel that it is safe to say that the words spewing out into space are not overwhelmingly negative and the positive words are flowing outward throughout the entire year. There are times that we as humans can get caught up in the whirlwind of negativity and feel that nothing is ever good enough.  But love is at the core of our being and it does prevail.

Even though we set aside a month to focus on gratitude, there is gratitude in the air every single day of the year and most humans have the capacity to feel it.  Sometimes layers have to be peeled back to get to the core of a hurt human but there in the center is where the source of God lies and that source is pure love.

Meanwhile, as we enter the season of gratitude let’s try to remember to do our gratitudes each and every day of the year.  There is so much wonder, love and excitement to share with each other.  Gratitude is alive and well.

My Church

I took a walk early yesterday morning with my puppy of 4 1/2 months.  We have a beautiful trail in our town that moseys through one town after the other.  Although I live near the beach, my heart has always been inspired by the forest.

As I entered the trail it was like walking into a church.  All of the trees and vines are in full bloom and together they create a canopy above making me feel like I am walking on Holy ground.  The coolness of the shade is welcomed and refreshing.  The scents that reach me are uplifting to say the least.  The sweetness of honeysuckle refreshes me.  The coolness and smell of damp earth makes me feel alive.  They transform my soul to a higher vibration.

As I walk through and into this magic kingdom I feel one with the trees and closer to God.  There’s so much life and wisdom here.  I just have to breathe and listen to  the soft breeze and the story she is telling me.

I hadn’t walked on this trail for some time,  and now being back with her, I feel such a sense of peace and tranquility and realize how much I missed my inspirational companion.

Today I am grateful for the uplifting spirituality that comes to me as I walk on this trail.  I have found a blessing that is priceless.  Nature doesn’t cost me a thing but gives me so much love and power.

I pray that you have a special place of peace and serenity at your beck and call.  A place to go to when you need calmness and love.  Love and wisdom are surrounding us in the humblest of places.  With hearts and minds open we can be transformed in nature and share that transformation with others.

Life is good and we need to remind each other how blessed we are to be alive.  We have to see that the world is a wonderful place and that most people are good.  We all just want to love and be loved.  That’s what I get out of my “church” as I walk along her path.

It is my responsibility to share this goodness with everyone.  Eventually, we will see that there are so many others experiencing the same thing and that we are not so very different.  Love is Love.

The 24 Hour Gifts

Today is a great day.  Yes it is because I have love in my life, peace in my heart and happiness in my soul.  It’s taken much of my life to be able to say this.  As I sit here and write, my puppy is curled up next to me on the floor.  I can hear my washing machine cleaning my clothes and the dryer is drying the first load.  My house is clean and I just finished food shopping.  These are the places that I have found my peace.  After leaving the food store I felt grateful for being able to buy the food.  It warmed my heart. As I grow older I am realizing the joy in all the little things.

On this day there is no drama floating around me.  I have found solace in being able to sit and write at this moment.  Today I have to pay the mortgage and I am able to do that.  Peace surrounds me knowing that I am well cared for.  We are having hot dogs for dinner and I’m completely satisfied that I have a dinner plan.  I find relief that I don’t have to worry what’s for dinner because cooking is not my favorite thing to do and I get stressed out each morning when I try to figure out what I’m going to make for dinner.  But at this moment I can feel peaceful about that.

The small comforts of home bring me tremendous joy.  After food shopping today I realized that I was able to afford snacks, so after dinner we will be able to sit down and relax while watching television and enjoy our snacks.  What a gift that is.  It’s not about the food.  It’s about the comfort of home.  It’s about the warmth of knowing I am so blessed with all these different little things in this 24 hour day.  In 24 hours there can be so many moments of being grateful for all of life’s pleasures.