The Mad Scientist

It’s been raining for about a week now and today the sun is shining.  I don’t quite remember her name.  S – U – N, hmm, she’s this bright warm thing that hangs in the sky and somehow makes my moods feel lighter.  She is a great friend of mine.  I think I love her.

I have a 10 week old puppy and he is a terror.  His name is shadow and he lives up to it because I am always tripping over him.  He’s really not that much into rain.  I’ve been potty training him so we both have an intimate relationship with the rain.  We feel the dread when the puppy’s circling begins indicating that he has to defecate at this very moment.  I have my raincoat waiting at the door.  He now hates my coat.  He barks at it and I agree wholeheartedly.

Anyone who knows me knows that I would never curse the rain and I am not cursing it now.  I am just stating the fact that it’s been a rough week because I am cold and damp and puppies don’t like potty-training in the rain.  It makes a difficult task even more so.  But I digress.  That nice warm ball up there is just the medicine that I need right now.  It’s pretty cool that something a million light years aways can have such an effect on me.  The great fireball in the sky has magical powers.  It’s like a mad scientist.  It does this chemical change thing on all living things.  We don’t even know that it is happening.  The sun is triggering all kinds of crazy stuff in our bodies like giving us the sunshine vitamin that keeps our bones nice and healthy.  A few years ago I broke my ankle in December which kept me indoors for most of the winter.  After getting blood work done I found out that I had a Vitamin D deficiency all thanks to not greeting my friend in the sky each day.  A friend of mine takes medicine for a mood stabilizer and he definitely needs it but there is some potent medicine coming from our mighty friend that can release some feel good chemicals into our brain.  Those sunrays that shine so brilliantly are an energy that has the capacity to change our lives and without it we couldn’t live.

There a couple more benefits of sunbeams that will surprise you.  An Aunt of mine who’s namesake I am used to say “It must be springtime because all the lilies are out.”  By mentioning the lilies she was referring to all the pretty young girls who were letting more of their skin show.  The guys like to enjoy the warmth too as they remove their shirts.  As to the Sun, many can thank her for her hospitality.  If you’ll notice when the sun is shining people tend to smile more.  Thank God for the souvenir of smiling people given to us by our ever present companion who warms our hearts and souls.  From a personal experience I know that when it is raining my boyfriend is downright crabby.  He’s much more contented when there is light.  He has a love/hate relationship with the sun.  He likes all its benefits but doesn’t like cutting the grass and it gets too hot.  You have to take the good with the bad I say.  I love the way the sun feels on my face.  It’s like bathing in splendor.  The warmth just falls over my face washing away all the stresses of the day and making me feel clean and fresh.

Of course there is another side to the sun as is the case with most things in life.  There is a contrast with everything and that helps us appreciate things a bit more.  The Sun has its own cycle kind of like how a woman has her own cycle.  There are times that you don’t want to irritate that great fire goddess.  Her cycle comes around every 11ish years.  She gets kind of pissy and starts flaring up for no particular reason that I can see.  They call them solar flares.  Any person who shares a home with a woman while she’s in her cycle knows exactly how ghastly this time period can be.  You’re never quite sure how things are going to go from one minute to the next.  It’s a hormone thing.  Our dear, sweet ball of sunshine has this hormone-like change too.  Look out because when she gets agitated she can cause quite the commotion.  A strong enough tantrum can actually affect our electric grid and our electronics.  Oh My.  That beautiful, warm, supreme life giving force has the muscle of a fiery volcano that can actually shut down this world’s dependency on electronics.  Just take a moment and imagine the young ones of today trying to live without their electronics.  They wouldn’t be able to spell, read, add and subtract or find their way out of a paper bag.  It’s so sad to realize that the upcoming generation has not been taught the skills of living simply and using their mind instead of that contraption that they hold in the palm of their hands to navigate the world around them.  To be fair our world would sustain a very grueling, complex task of coming back from such an event.  This is a life that we have created and we are all responsible for the outcome if such a scenario should happen and it is very possible that it could.

I’m not sure that we have the immense respect that we should have for this distinguished energy that presides over us.  I don’t know if there’s anything we can do in advance but we really can’t stop the Sun from being who she is just like I can’t stop myself from being who I truly am.  I can try but deep down I am the being that I am meant to be.  The notable thing here is to offer the respect that is warranted for the commanding forces that have been given to us.  The Sun is one of those things that we don’t give much thought to yet it literally has Supreme power that brings great happiness, joy , excitement and health to all of us.  As with all things in life there is always a contrast within that makes things work.  There is the good and the bad in everything we do.  They are both here for us as teachers.  The good things make us happy and give us the feeling of spirit living within.  The bad or I should say the difficult things give us the lessons we need to thrive and the combination brings us balance in our lives.  There are so many commanding forces within us and around us that we just take for granted.  There is the enormous inferno just hanging above us and we rarely take the opportunity to truly appreciate the gifts that it brings.  I am just focusing on the Sun in this writing.  Can you imagine the immense fulfillment we could experience if we were able to focus in on each and every powerful element in our daily life?  Pure awareness of the many facets of all that surrounds us can be so inspiring.  Today I am thankful for the Sun and all that she brings to my life.  I wonder what I can find to be thankful for tomorrow and all the intricacies they possess.

Simply Finding Freedom

Birds are so much fun to watch.  Bird watching is a peaceful hobby of mine.  I love being able to attract different types of birds to my backyard by offering an array of foods for them to feast on.  They are so beautiful and interesting.  I have several bird feeders in my backyard.  One is a top feeder that sits high on top of a ten foot pole.  It is made of wood with a screen floor and a top that looks like an A frame.  It is a wide open fly through type of feeder.  On the roof of that feeder I have placed a long screw facing up so that I can place a half an apple or orange on top.  Certain birds love fruit so I try to accommodate.  On the same pole there are three arms.  One rm holds a long tube like feeder which makes it easy for birds like woodpeckers to hold onto thile they poke their beaks in the different portals to grab seeds and nuts.  The second and third arms hold suet cakes.  One suet feeder is just like a plastic covered wire basket and the other suet feeder holds 2 cakes in it.  The suet is made up of fat and protein and seeds.  The birds use it vigorously during nesting season because it is a high energy soft food that gives easy access for Moms and Dads that are eager to get back to their babies.  It’s kind of like driving through the fast food restaurant to get a nice quick and easy meal.  I also have a hummingbird feeder that is red to attract these amazingly fast little creatures.  I fill it with sugar water so it’s like nectar that they get from flowers.

None of the birds need me to put out feeders for them to eat.  They have all the natural food they need whether it’s insects, flowers, fruit, tree nuts or grass seeds.  My practice is purely a selfish one because I get so much joy out of watching them and learning their habits.  In essence I need them more than they need me.

Birds are a lot like humans in some ways.  The family unit is at their core of existence.  Most, not all, birds mate for life and they set out together on their journey of life.  They begin by preparing nests and having their babies.  Mother and Father share in all the daily activities of raising their families fiercely protecting and teaching their young ones how to become independent so they can go forth and sustain the species.  There are no worries about where their food is coming from.  They just naturally go and find it.  The birds don’t wait for someone to tell them how to build a nest or what materials they should use.  They have the innate knowing that they have what they need.  Their spirits are pure as they go about their living.

There are no egos involved.  They don’t argue over who is going to do which chore.  The birds work together for the common goal.  Human, I believe could tap into such freedom by taking example from the birds.  Pure love is what I see in the spirit of the birds.  The eat, sleep, work and even play with reckless abandon and still all is provided for them.  It’s not that they don’t have to work for their food and shelter.  Just like all of God’s creatures they have to do the work but they don’t see it as work they see it as daily living.  There is no worry about it.  Humans have all that we need in our lives but once again we find a way to complicate everything by worrying and caring about what everyone else is doing and saying.  We are always looking for something outside of us.  We seem to gravitate towards the drama of everyone else’s life.  Why do we do this?  Are we searching for something that will make us feel better about ourselves?  Why don’t we feel good about ourselves in the first place?  The answers we seek are not about what everyone else is doing or thinking.  If we choose to live simply and work with the inner knowing that with the work all will be provided we could be much happier beings.

Life is all spelled out for the birds.  They live, enjoy, work and raise their babies.  The babies learn and grow and the cycle goes on.  It’s really very simple.  We share the same spirit as the birds do and yet we choose to live the hard way.  We attach emotion to things that don’t require such attachment.  We constantly feel irritated about too much traffic or feel depressed because we have to go to work on Monday.  We aren’t going to change the outcome by stressing about things we cannot control.  Can we really make the traffic disappear or eliminate Monday morning?  The thing we can control is our reaction to different situations.  Instead of dreading going to work on Monday morning we could just be thankful that we have a job to go to.  Or even better still how about if we don’t attach the word “work” to our job.  It is just a part of living.  It is actually a blessing to have a job to go to.  Work is just a place that gives us the means we need to fulfill external needes in the human world.  By changing our perception of what work is we can find fulfillment in our lives. This my friends, is what is called a gift.  The birds don’t attach the human word “work” to their daily living they just naturally live.  It’s all in the perception of any given situation.  By learning to be still we can allow ourselves to just do what comes naturally without putting our own made up thoughts to it.  Can you imagine how peaceful we would feel?  We would be more open to the pure essence of love that we are meant to be along with all of God’s creatures.