Alert from the Emergency Broadcast System

It poured this morning.  I think we must have gotten about 4 inches of rain.  I even got one of those severe weather alerts on my cellphone.  You know the kind I’m talking about, the screaming beep, beep, beep that scares the life right out of you.  I know they are meant to alert us of danger but I think it’s pretty dangerous to nearly give me a heart attack too.  I think the alert should say something like, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger”.  That reference is for those of us over 50 who remember the show “Lost in Space”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got an alert on our cellphones everytime we were about to make a stupid mistake?  Now that is a cause I should take up with the Federal Communications Commission.  It would be a world changer.  Everytime something stupid would come to mind I would have a five second delay and a red flashing light to stop me in my tracks and stop the stupidity from spilling out.

Imagine what it could to the workplace.  We might even begin to enjoy our work if everyone was on red alert before they rained on someone’s parade.  I have a friend who tends to make less than good decisions on impulse (I am trying to be nice).  When he runs this stuff by me I tell him “Red Flag, Red Flag.”  I’m his red flag person.  While my attempt is well intended it’s either not welcome or not glaring enough to change his mind but I tried.

Life doesn’t work this way though, not in the literal sense I’ve described.  There are warnings and red flags that come with everything we say and do but we don’t always choose to recognize them.  Often we blurt out our ideas without regard to who we could be hurting.  But it’s not always about hurting someone.  Sometimes our opinions are not welcomed by others.  Here in the United States of America we do have the right to voice our opinion, that is, at the last time I checked.

While voicing your opinion you open up the door for those who agree and those who boisterously disagree.  Many times arguments ensue.  If we had that Blaring alert system to slow down the impulsive, “I am right and you are wrong” thinking, we might be able to learn a thing or two by looking at a situation from both sides.  Why does everything have to come down to the fact that someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong?  The only thing this way of thinking does is cause division.  Division  among families, co-workers, spouses and government officials.  I think the greatest danger here is division.  Did you ever hear the statement, “divide and conquer”?  Red Flag That!