You Get to Choose

What are the chains that bind you?

What kind of ties limit your beliefs and ability to accept this moment as it is?

One can wake up in the morning and choose to feel fresh and alive or one can create their own prison of misery. One can complain and see emptiness everywhere.

If one is feeling like they are imprisoned they must own that it is their choice. They have created their prison by living in fear, judgement, anger and resentment. The dark prison where they are sending their soul, searching for fulfillment and light where there is none. These are ones chains. These are ones choices.

Contrast of Life: Good vs. Bad, Hope vs. Despair, Joy vs. Sorrow
A clear choice must be made. What will it be? Confinement or Freedom?

Two choices are available every moment of every day. It can only be one way. We can train our brain to choose the joy over despair by small changes.

Elevator or Stairs? The elevator is quick, easy and doesn’t require any effort but gives nothing more than a ride. The stairs provide exercise that feeds the body and the mind. The activity they provide clear the brain and make you feel good for extended periods of time. Ask yourself everday, elevator or stairs? The answer can be found when you look for the guidance of the benefits you can reap.

Easy choices broken down into small pieces. A split second decision to the question: Elevator or Stairs? Confinement or Freedom?

What are the ties that bind you?