The Eyes Have It

The eyes are the opening to the soul. Look deep into my eyes and look for the source behind them that breathes life into my every breath, movement, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Can you see my heart and my thoughts? Go deeper and feel what these eyes are saying. They are telling you the truth of who I am. If you look and feel deeply enough you will find a child full of innocence and wonder. You may also find peace and satisfaction and fullfillment. What you won’t find are the sadness, pain, loneliness and fear because all of these things come and go at different times yet they leave a message for my growth. Are you able to see the lessons I have picked up along the way of life? Can you see wisdom here? Look deeper now and feel the power of the unconditional love that empowers absolutely all that I am. That light that you see, that love that you feel is coming from my ultimate source, My God. That life within me connects all of us because we all share that source.

Look into your mirror and see deep into your own eyes. Search for your deeply embedded fears, desires and aspirations. Go deeper into the feelings you have when you see these things. You and I have the same source. All the power lies within each of us. Find the true “I AM” when you look in and investigate what you see and what you feel. Your creative soul has so much to share. Be still, open up and let the light shine through and allow it to flow. Your eyes are the window to your soul. If you are feeling lost and alone just peek in there and pull out of your soul what your purpose is. Look for the innocent child and feel the unconditional love that breathes life into you. Your Source is within you and everything you need is already there.

This is something we can do on a daily basis at any given moment. Deep in those eyes, down in the soul we can find inspiration, wisdom and the truth of who we are and we can see all the possibilities waiting for us to explore. Try and make it a routine and find deep in your soul the pearls that can give you satisfaction and enjoyment from the great gift of life that we have all been given.

Red Death

I don’t like to cook. I think the reason is that nobody in my house likes to try new things. It is not very motivating to try a new recipe when there isn’t an audience that will appreciate it. My boyfriend and my step-daughter don’t like anything with spices and they like everything fried. It’s just no fun when they turn their noses up at my endeavors. Every now and then I do try new recipes because I am so bored with eating the plain old meat and potatoes theme.

One day I found a new recipe that I wanted to try. It had simple ingredients such as chicken and potatoes and the spices were simple like salt, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, chicken broth and sour cream. I knew that it sounded friendly enough for my tough audience and thought it sounded easy to make. I gathered all the ingredients and made my dinner plan. It turned out to be much more difficult than I anticipated. The preparation was time consuming because I had to make long noodles out of the potatoes. At that time I had never heard of a vegetable spiralizer, which would have made it so much easier. Then I had to cook up the garlic and onions on the stove and then brown the chicken. I hate when you have to cook on top of the stove and also use the oven. Haven’t they ever heard of a Crockpot? After all that preparation it took another 40 minutes to bake in the oven. The entire day it took me to make this casserole. I was exhausted but also a little excited for my boyfriend to come home to his surprise meal.

We sat down to dinner and I told him how I had worked so hard all day to make this special dinner for him. He was hesitant and asked what was in it and I told him simply chicken and potatoes. He gave me an approving look as if ready and willing to try it out. This is the kind of audience I want to have after making a home cooked meal. I was so excited. I put the casserole on the table and it sure did look good even though it had this red hue to it. I spooned it onto our places with great anticipation of success. After all, I did spend the entire day making it and I followed the recipe to the “T”. We started eating and there was silence but we kept eating. I finally asked him what he thought and he said “it’s okay”. He did his very best to be kind but after another bite he pushed his plate away and said “I am sorry. I know you worked on this all day but I just can eat it”. I looked at him and said “it feels like we’re eating sand”. It was absolutely awful. It was like eating a pile of sand with your potatoes. I checked the recipe and confirmed that I had done everything that it had called for. I just couldn’t understand what happened. It turned out that there must have been a typo regarding the paprika because since when do you use 1/4 cup of paprika in anything? We both laughed because I couldn’t even defend it and thus the name “Red Death”. Of course that turned out to be night of ordering pizza.

After that debacle he has always been afraid when I say that I am trying a new recipe. It’s been years since the “Red Death” incident but it is fresh in the minds of the occupants of this house. He now has a mental aversion to the statement “new recipe”. So it makes it even harder to try new things around here.

I can completely understand his aversion to a new recipe but it was only one meal. In his mind he now has to be very wary of any new foods I make. But because of who he is the same thing applies to other situations. One bad experience causes him aversion and caution in all subjects. I think that this can resonate with all of us at different times of our lives. One bad experience sticks to us and can define who we are. It’s hard to enjoy life when you are constantly worried that something will go wrong. Bad things happen to all of us and it truly sucks but if we can’t be open enough to experience new things we will never know the joy that is out there for all of us. We are as the saying goes “cutting off our nose to spite our face”. While on the subject of bad things happening to us, we can always use them to teach us. It is guaranteed that life will be full of ups and downs for everyone. Nobody has a perfect life and some have had absolutely horrible past experiences that need in depth work and healing. There are different ways of looking at them. We can see them as defining moments in our lives which they absolutely are but how we are defined by them is our choice. I have had to come to the brink of a nervous breakdown in order to open my heart and soul to the work of healing past traumas. It is no easy task for anyone and we need each other to help us through the journey. I would never belittle any person’s traumatic experiences that define them but I offer up the fact that with help we can heal and feel joy and peace.

I ask you to be brave and try to take that tiny step forward with one thing at a time. Try a new recipe. Try taking a new route home from work. Try listening to your friend without judgment. Step out of your routine today and go to a movie. Stop by the Library and pick up a good book. Keep moving forward each day with just one new thing being introduced toward a positive outcome. In time you will feel safe enough to try to open your mind and hear the voices of the past and accept them for what they are. They are the past and they did happen but you are stronger than they are. Feel your feelings about them. Scream and cry and jump up and down. Just let that darkness flow right out of you and finally give yourself permission to feel peace. Throw away that “Red Death” casserole and feed yourself with something new and refreshing. Don’t allow one bad experience to steal your sense of joy and adventure. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed and embraced. It’s safe now to be who you are meant to be and not that hurt child from your past. Allow the child to come out and feel free to live a full, expansive and joyful life with ups and downs and good and bad times. The bad times are our teachers. Let’s together be students of life and allow the lessons to enrich us to the fullest. We are all in this together and there is freedom and hope in the fact that we are not alone.

Ice Cream for Breakfast

As Americans we have certain rules and we think that the rest of the world sees life the same way we do.  For example, when we speak of breakfast we think of bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast, sausage, cereal, milk and maybe fruit.  Well other countries consider their breakfast as their main meal of the day.  They make it their biggest and heartiest meal.  Well that makes more sense to me because we haven’t eaten all night long and we have the  work of the long day ahead of us and we will need maximum energy.

Whether it makes sense or not it doesn’t really matter.  Rules are made to keep us in order.  Sometimes we feel a little rebellious and we want to spread our wings and change things up.  We live in the land of the free and home of the brave.  We are allowed to change things up.  We get very used to our little routines and ways of doing things.  We close ourselves up in our little bubbles and we actually freely give away our freedom.  Our routines sometimes stand in the way of growth.

Sometimes we need to either turn our world upside down or have it turned for us.  Recently I was in the hospital and they came around at different intervals to check vitals. They came in around 2 am to check my blood pressuread it was really low.  So their solution was to lower the head of my bed and raise the foot of the bed.  I literally felt like they turned me upside down.  So three hours later they checked my bp again and it was normal.  Success!!  So that’s what it took to fix my problem.  So I am thinking that maybe that concept might apply to life in general.  Think about it.

I have decided to use my freedom to make choices that make me happy (within the confines of the law of course).  Maybe today I will stretch my rights and eat ice cream for breakfast.  It’s time to pop my self proclaimed bubble and see things with new eyes.  Time to open up my mind and see what I can find.  And to think, it all started with breakfast.

Welcome to My World

The Eagle is so beautiful and wise.  Look deep into his eyes and there seems to be ages of wisdom.  The Eagle eye sees all from a view like no other.  His perceptions are from a place unknown to humans because he can fly with his own power and control.  He can experience the grace of the wind blowing towards him yet it doesn’t confine him in any way.  He easily soars with the whirling breezes never fighting it just moving through the air as if nothing is against him.  The ease he flaps his strongs wings with does not hinder his determination or perception.  He lives in grace without hesitation of his intention continuously moving forward without worry or consternation.

Oh, to take example from him and know his wisdom with such peace and grace.  The creatures of God are living as is their purpose.  Humans must learn their faith and know their purpose with no hesitation of fear or anxiety.

Come join me as I share my human learning experiences and try to see through them as the Eagle does.  Oh, that I could only know his wisdom and grace.

Come into my reality and see how us humans perceivelife compared to our precious animal spirits.  It is quite a different kind of life but we can open our eyes and see as the Eagle does with purpose and true faith and understanding.