Shine Brighter

The other day I was out and about running errands and I had this experience where I felt like I was standing outside myself, observing my surroundings and the people moving about.  It was kind of weird and pretty cool at the same time.  Throughout my self-awareness journey, I have heard countless teachers mention that you have to be the observer of your own life.  When in that state, you are not operating in the egoic mind.  Does that mean that I have achieved something on that day?

Although it was an interesting experience, it only lasted for a short moment and I continued on with my day.  But, the experience itself stayed with me and I stayed conscious of the fact that it did happen.  I ask myself, ” What could the meaning of that moment be?”  I am finding that more and more people are becoming awakened to the spirit of the universe.  In my mind, I consider that to be the Holy Spirit.  As I have mentioned before, I’ve read so many books, taken classes and watched videos about self awareness.  Ever since I started Blogging, I’ve noticed that  I am encountering more and more like-minded souls out there.  This demonstrates the fact that the world is awakening from an abysmal slumber where people operated on a level of puppetry.  We have been wandering around aimlessly and willingly accepting interpretations of what life’s purpose should be from generations upon generations of pain and suffering.  The sins of the father seem to pass down and through lifetimes of willing recipients.  There are cycles of conditioning that move through us and so we share that dysfunction with our children and grandchildren and so on.

On this day, in the year 2018, things are changing.  Cycles are being broken and new thought patterns are being wired into the physical brain because somewhere along the line of generations, someone had a form of insight that maybe things were not what they were being conveyed as.  Someone decided to question certain attributes of their religion or their culture or their family.  All it takes is one person to change the dynamics of any situation imaginable.  Just one different thought pattern, just one simple question at a time, just one tiny difference can jolt us out of our dormancy and bring us into a light that we’ve never experienced before.

I believe that I may have experienced that light.   My awareness in that moment expanded to a different level.  I had a glimpse of clarity and it changed the dynamic of my thought process.  I can only imagine what would happen if this experience I had,  moved from one moment to several and so forth.

Imagine the result of  my tiny, little moment of consciousness being magnified by millions of people.  It only takes a spark to get a fire going.  We are on a path of awakening and I can feel the acceleration of awareness around me.

I am on this journey along with so many others.  We are all at different levels of consciousness.  As we journey together, the light is beginning to shine brighter and brighter and I believe that it is becoming impossible to ignore such a bright light.



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Mary Mangee

I have lived a life and learned many things along the way. Through my daily experiences I want to share the little lessons I have picked up and share them with you. Maybe you can find some pearls of wisdom in your day too.

11 thoughts on “Shine Brighter”

  1. Hi Aunt Mary,

    I want you to know I read all of your posts, and so far this is the best one. The topic really resonates with me, and where my head is these days. Cycles, patterns, generations, and change – examples of things we struggle with individually, in families, and as a society. Very relevant and worthwhile conversation.

    It is amazing how well you are able to articulate feelings and concepts that I (and probably others) understand but have difficulty expressing in words; and how you are able to communicate thoughts and memories in a clear and digestible way so the reader can relate. Your writing is productive and comes across as introspective, truthful and respectful, which isn’t always easy, but you do it, and that speaks to your character.

    I appreciate and deeply respect how you write honestly about your experiences, and come from a place of vulnerability, spirituality, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and open-mindedness. I like the encouraging messages that say we have the power to claim ourselves, change ourselves, our situation, and even the world if we just step outside of ourselves for a moment, pay a little more attention, take inventory, and dare to think for ourselves instead of surrendering to what is being fed. I believe these are essential keys to good relationships, inner-peace, overcoming challenges, and navigating things in life not easy to understand. These are the values I want to instill in my child to carry her life long.

    I am impressed and inspired by your journey to self-discovery, your passion to write, and the way you have chosen to pursue these things. I imagine it is a leap of faith in which you must make yourself really vulnerable, which takes a lot of courage, and in the end makes you stronger. I admire that courage more than you know.

    As my Aunt and my Godmother, you’ve always been a loving and influential presence in my life, and you continue to do so beautifully through your writing.

    Know that I am reading and listening with an open heart, and intend to apply the learnings you share to my own life, especially now that I am a mother, aunt, and godmother.

    Thank you Aunt Mary for your honesty and courage, and for making a difference.

    Love you ❤️

    Gina Bean

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    1. Gina, I am truly honored that you have found value in my posts. Throughout my lifetime I have always been a soul searcher and I have learned so much along the way. I have often wondered what service I could be to others. This writing is a new journey for me and my goal is to try to share with everyone that there is always hope, love, understanding and a lot of fun to experience in our daily lives. My heart is so full in knowing that you have been reading and appreciating the message of love that I am striving to share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words. I love you.


  2. Such a beautiful post ❤. Have you ever read Dr Wayne Dyer’s Your Sacred Self where he talks about when you step out of the ego and learn to become the witnesser in life? When a raise in consciousness happens this becomes a permenany state. I could talk about this subject all day as it really makes my heart sing 😁

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  3. I love this idea of shining. I love a book by Anita Moorjani. She had a near death experience and what she learned is we suffer when we cannot shine because we are taught we are not good enough Her two books are Dying to Be Me And What If This Is Heaven She wrote a lovely poem about shining our light I copied in a blog a while back

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  4. I’m glad you found this interesting … if it is a recurring theme I hope it continues to be something you can enjoy in whatever sense that is. For me sometimes very variable, the experience of being an external viewer of my own experiences and feeling a disproportionate sizing and uncontrollable emotion attached to a situation at the same time as sensing something impending that I can’t equate to the situation – something I’ve experienced since adolescence and only recently admitted to others. Sometimes a dream within a dream – never a nightmare but more to feel than I can and more to take in than I have the capacity for. I guess for that reason it is always interesting, but when processing it takes me away from coping with the moment it’s hard to explain to those in that same moment …. not that any of that probably makes any sense at all …

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    1. I get what you are saying. It sounds as if you have a gift that has yet to be discovered by you. You may find that by sharing this information, you will come across someone who shares the same gift and can help you to discern your way through it.


      1. Maybe if you try some research on the internet you can find out what’s going on. It sounds very confusing for you but there seems to be something very special that is happening and it would be great to be able to share your special gift once you understand it for yourself. Please don’t stress about it though. I’m sure you can find some answers through research and being open to the path that this journey leads you on.


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