Pearls with that Whine

I’ve been inspired to write about situations in my life that have given me an attitude adjustment.  I’m sure you have heard that saying of  “you learn something new everyday”.  On a daily basis I’m finding  little lessons hidden behind my whining and moaning about nonsensical things such as not being able to see close up because I am getting older and that’s what happens to people of a certain age.  I am learning to be able to laugh at myself and have fun in this simple life.

A few months ago I started this Blog “Pearls of Wisdom from Daily Living”.  The Blog itself is a writing exercise for me to share the daily pearls that I am finding.  I started this whole writing journey because my sister urged me to find a creative outlet.  She mentioned writing but honestly I always felt that she was the writer in the family.  She truly has a special artistic talent, not just in writing but in photography, art, painting, scrapbooking and so on.  I eventually took her advice and started writing a little at a time.

My writing came in the form of essays but I didn’t realize it at the time.  I was just writing what I called a paper that described a personal situation and the journey of getting from a debacle to a resolution or noticing little hints of wisdom in my days.  Somewhere along the line I started taking it more seriously and I found that throughout my day things would pop into my head and I wanted to write about it.

Honestly, I don’t know what prompted me to continue to look further into actually becoming a writer but it seems that things would come up on Facebook or Television that inspired me to investigate this writer business.  One day I even decided to contact a publisher.  Let me tell you, I was so scared by that conversation because I was doubting myself big time.  All these thoughts were hitting me like , “This isn’t real. You are not a writer and why are you contacting a publisher.”  I was not about to consider that I could become an Author.

The publishing house that I had contacted took every opportunity to call me.  They kept calling and asking where I was on my writing journey and they had me all hyped up about becoming an Author.  Then I realized that they were trying to sell me a package.  They were just a sales team trying to sign me up and move on to the next self-doubting person.  But, when I finally figured out what was happening I contacted the publishing house and told my representative that I no longer wanted to hear from them.  It was one of those “don’t call us, we’ll call you ” situations.  Before I hung up from that conversation the sales person mentioned a guided writing group  and she gave me the website to contact.  That changed everything.

The site is called The Author Learning Center.  I checked it out on the internet and it was real and had nothing to do with the publishing house.

At that time I was doing a lot of meditation and self-help spiritual work.  I still do.  A door had opened for me and I took a leap of faith and joined that Author Learning Center.  It was the first investment I actually made toward becoming an Author.  I am very conservative when it comes to paying for something I know nothing about but it felt right and I am so happy that I jumped into that wide open door.

I am now in the process of writing my book with the title:  “Pearls with that Whine” Every day comes with challenges but underneath those challenges are little pearls of wisdom just waiting for us to find.

In my book there are all different kinds of situations that have occurred in my life right down to the silliness of everyday living.  You can see an example of one of my essays in the Blog post called “Red Death”.   There’s a lot of laughter, wisdom, sadness and celebration included.  All of the things each of us experience every day of our lives.

I want to reach out to everyone and share the fact that underneath the daily grind of life there is that tiny pearl that helps us to grow, evolve and become a better version of our true selves.

The tide of life is forever changing but when it goes out it leaves behind pearls of wisdom.


Published by

Mary Mangee

I have lived a life and learned many things along the way. Through my daily experiences I want to share the little lessons I have picked up and share them with you. Maybe you can find some pearls of wisdom in your day too.

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