The Eyes Have It

The eyes are the opening to the soul. Look deep into my eyes and look for the source behind them that breathes life into my every breath, movement, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Can you see my heart and my thoughts? Go deeper and feel what these eyes are saying. They are telling you the truth of who I am. If you look and feel deeply enough you will find a child full of innocence and wonder. You may also find peace and satisfaction and fullfillment. What you won’t find are the sadness, pain, loneliness and fear because all of these things come and go at different times yet they leave a message for my growth. Are you able to see the lessons I have picked up along the way of life? Can you see wisdom here? Look deeper now and feel the power of the unconditional love that empowers absolutely all that I am. That light that you see, that love that you feel is coming from my ultimate source, My God. That life within me connects all of us because we all share that source.

Look into your mirror and see deep into your own eyes. Search for your deeply embedded fears, desires and aspirations. Go deeper into the feelings you have when you see these things. You and I have the same source. All the power lies within each of us. Find the true “I AM” when you look in and investigate what you see and what you feel. Your creative soul has so much to share. Be still, open up and let the light shine through and allow it to flow. Your eyes are the window to your soul. If you are feeling lost and alone just peek in there and pull out of your soul what your purpose is. Look for the innocent child and feel the unconditional love that breathes life into you. Your Source is within you and everything you need is already there.

This is something we can do on a daily basis at any given moment. Deep in those eyes, down in the soul we can find inspiration, wisdom and the truth of who we are and we can see all the possibilities waiting for us to explore. Try and make it a routine and find deep in your soul the pearls that can give you satisfaction and enjoyment from the great gift of life that we have all been given.

Published by

Mary Mangee

I have lived a life and learned many things along the way. Through my daily experiences I want to share the little lessons I have picked up and share them with you. Maybe you can find some pearls of wisdom in your day too.

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